Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dean Ambrose and Paige: The WWE's Next power Couple?

Every Joker needs his Harley Quinn

I came across this photo of two of my favorite up and comers in FCW and it intrigued me.  Dean Ambrose is often compared to Roddy Piper (a comparison that is thrown around too much the past few years, but in this case, the man in question deserves the honor), but I think his character is more like The Joker.  Ambrose just enjoys causing a ruckus almost everywhere he goes and he gets bored when things meet the status quo and it almost seems as if there isn't an ounce of humanity in the guy.  Enter Paige.  The Anti-Diva could make quite the match for the WWE's resident anarchist and being a huge Joker/Harley fan myself, my mouth nearly waters at the idea of the two forming some sort of twisted union on WWE television someday.  For now, we have this great photo.


  1. They would be AWESOME together...u sir a genius.

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    1. no way T_T in hell that will happen

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